Fresno, California – I’m calling you out.

I’m from Fresno actually. I moved to the Carson City area of Nevada about 10 years ago. Fresno will always be part of me. And not just because one of my go-to moves when my friends have hurt feelings, is to say “oh, hell no! Somebody hold my earrings!”.

I was in Fresno this past weekend, enjoying some family time while I watched a pool full of kids laughing and splashing, when I suddenly realized that I’d forgotten to bring my Fruitas.

A wave of sadness washed over me (along with chlorinated pool water, as my 8 year old cannon-balled into the water next to me) as I realized I couldn’t replace them while I was in Fresno either.

Fruitas haven’t found their way into Fresno culture yet.

Enter: You.

KLG Spice is now offering independent sales. Not a multi-level marketing scam, just direct sales, during the hours YOU choose, with cash in your pocket after every single sale. No minimums. No fees. No recruiting. No drama. You buy the product at wholesale cost, and sell it to friends, family, and people that you meet in social situations, at just under what we sell it for on Amazon.

Literally, easy money.

Fresno is an untapped resource. Capitalize on your opportunity before the market gets flooded with new reps! Portland dwellers, you’re next! I need to go visit my sister. And I’ll probably forget my Fruitas that trip too!

Ready to make some quick cash by selling products that are good for the human body, good for the planet, and still inexpensive, because you aren’t trying to pay everyone in a pyramid before you can pay yourself?

Contact me today. info@klgspice.com

xoxo Emily

Would You Like To Sell KLG Spice Products? #makemoneyfast

Looking to start your own home-based business? KLG Spice has got you covered! Make an average of 90% commission by selling our products to friends, family and co-workers! Host in-home parties, go door to door, or sell through social media! Home party sales have never been this easy! 

KLG offers the following:

No monthly fees

No monthly minimum sales requirements

No recruiting

Work on your own schedule

Sell when you want to, relax when you don’t!

Your home party starter kit includes the following materials:

12 tins of Gold Cardamom Fruitas

12 tins of Gold Cardamom Seeds Clusters

6 bags of Krunchy Capriccio

12 bags of Tutti Frutti

10 samples of each product for a total of 40 samples

10 full color sales catalogs

100 order forms

100 personalized business cards

Your total inventory of products is valued at $303! Selling everything in your starter kit would give you a net profit of $123! What are you waiting for?

Let’s Talk About GUM… #StickySituations

How many times have you spit your chewed gum onto the sidewalk, dropped it into a bush or rolled down the window on the freeway and let it fly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, up to 80% of gum chewers have a nasty habit of improper gum disposal.

(See more here: https://www.custommade.com/blog/sustainable-gum/)

When I was in high school, we had a “gum tree”. It was completely fascinating and disgusting at the same time. This isn’t the tree, but you get the idea. Ours was literally COVERED in chewed gum. It was a right of passage to add yours to the tree. Everyone did it.

“Gum Tree” at top of Southeast Missouri State University’s Cardiac Hill

I can just hear my mom right now, asking the age-old question, “if everyone else jumped off of a bridge, would you?” Well, yeah, probably mom. It’s crowd mentality. We want to fit in. We want to be like everyone else. Right?

But have you ever paid attention to what happens to that gum once it’s been there a while? It gathers dirt, debris, grease, and bacteria. It turns black, solidifies, and becomes a blemish on whatever it touches.

Pretty soon, our sidewalks and roadways resemble Dalmations, but aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly. We just walk over it, accept it as part of society, and comment that someone should really clean it up.

The cost to get rid of the gum we toss into the environment instead of the trash can, is insane.

(See details here: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/12/chew-on-this-what-gum-has-cost-society-in-its-5000-year-history/383452/)

We talk about how we need to save the earth, leave a better planet for the next generation, and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. So how can we help?

The obvious solution: Dispose of your gum properly. Use trash cans, ashtrays, napkins, or any other means that don’t leave residue behind. One trick my mother has used as long as I can remember, is to carry the wrapper from your gum in your pocket, so that when you’re finished chewing it, you can wrap it back into that paper and toss it into the garbage without getting anything sticky.

Of course, you can always switch to a gum substitute too, like KLG Spice’s Gold Cardamom Fruitas. You get a natural refreshing and clean mouth feeling, satisfy your urge to chew on something for a little while, and the whole thing can either be swallowed or spit out and will decompose quickly since it’s organic material. We still recommend spitting what you don’t use into a trash can or other receptacle, but if the chewed seed pod does make it’s way onto a street, sidewalk, or into a garden, it will naturally biodegrade, unlike it’s chewy resin competition, gum.

What kind of gum stories do you have? Share with us in the comments!

xoxo Emily

Fruita Water vs. Kombucha – a Ph war? #BetterThanKombucha

Recently, articles have been released about the Ph levels in Kombucha and what they do to the human body – namely, the teeth. The average Kombucha has a Ph level of 2.4, which is extremely acidic. While Kombucha has been proven to assist in total gut health, dentists are recommending you stop drinking it before you need thousands of dollars in dental work. The acidity of this scoby slime drink is literally eating away at the enamel of people’s teeth, and causing need for fillings, root canals, and other yucky things we have nightmares about.

So what’s the solution? Water! I know, shocker. Water is good for you. But if you’re looking to keep those health benefits coming while keeping your teeth white and healthy, you can switch to Fruita Water! – Fruita water has a Ph level of 5.5! AND – cardamom pods are fantastic for teeth and gum health!

One tiny pod has over 100 benefits* for the human body, including everything from combatting cancer, to regulating heart rate and blood pressure, to assisting in relief from anxiety and depression, to weight loss and appetite control, to inflammation and beyond, just to name a few.

PLUS! One Fruita lasts all day. You can keep pouring water over the same Fruita all day long while you’re doing yard work, swimming with the kids, or enjoying a picnic or BBQ. Your water will taste great from the cardamom, saffron and turmeric, and LOOK great from the 24k edible gold swirling in your cup or bottle.

Fruita water has completely changed my life. It’s all I drink. In the past 90 days, I have lost 15 pounds, felt a huge shift for the better with my anxiety level, had more energy, reduced inflammation and joint pain, and even maintained better sleep habits! I love it, and I highly recommend it.

Get your #GOLDMINTS Gold Cardamoom Fruitas on Amazon, or at http://www.klgspice.com – and don’t forget to ask your local retailer to carry them so you can always find them close to home!



(*based on scientific research published on each of the four ingredients used to make our Gold Cardamom Fruitas – see our website – http://www.klgspice.com – for links to scientific evidence on these ingredients.)

When You Grow The King Of All Spices, Does That Make Your Product Royalty? #askingforafriend

How beautiful is our Saffron flower?! Carlos is the Green Thumb around here at KLG Spice and his last crop of Saffron was just breathtaking! He swears that his secret to these beauties flourishing is **DRUM ROLL PLEASE**….Music. That’s right! But there is more to the secret…He plays ALL genres of music to them daily so they are very well cultured and it shows.

We got to watch the planting, sprouting, flowering and harvesting process from start to finish and it makes us so proud to get to show them off.

Some believe that in its pure form, saffron works as an antioxidant, an antidepressant and as a weapon against reducing toxicity in the kidneys.

It is estimated that it takes some 14,000 stigmas to produce only one ounce of saffron threads. The labor-intensive process makes the cost of these bright red threads upwards of $50 per quarter-ounce.

WOW! At that price per quarter ounce, I am pretty sure this officially makes our products part of the royal family! Now, go tell your friend….



Elsa’s Healthy (and so simple!) Breakfast

Yogurt, Blueberries & Krunchy Capriccio

Elsa is one of our employees here at KLG Spice. She works in administration, helps with marketing on occasion, and is also my office-mate! She’s sweet and adorable and tan. I hate her a little, but I love her even more! She’s training for a marathon in July, so she’s eating super clean and healthy, and when she incorporates our products into her yummy snacks, we tend to take pictures of them and then put the recipes on Instagram and Facebook – so today we will share with you also! The best part of this breakfast snack is it’s EASY. If you’re a working mom like me (and Elsa!), mornings are so busy between getting the kids ready for school, trying to make sure you get yourself ready, wear matching shoes, and get out the door on time. So breakfast is easy to forget about in all the chaos.

If you can’t get it together before you leave the house, you can easily mix it up at work!

This one is just plain or vanilla (or any flavor you like!) yogurt, with fresh blueberries and KLG Spice’s Krunchy Capriccio on top. That’s it!

Krunchy Capriccio is a deliciously healthy crunchy snack on it’s own, or even better when sprinkled onto yogurt or ice cream, or even added to a crumble. It’s made from diced, baked dates and 23k edible silver. That’s it! Dates are a SUPERFOOD, packed full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. 23k silver is not the same silver you find in jewelry, so don’t start crunching on your rings. It’s pure, and flattened into a super thin sheet of silver foil, then the flakes are tossed in with the baked dates. In Middle Eastern culture, you’ll find a lot of edible silver in their cuisine, as it is known to provide complete digestive health.

My son is 8, and he has occasional digestive issues that lead to constipation. (Nobody tell him I told you that!) He was on a regimen of “natural” softeners and stimulants to try to keep… things moving, for a long time. When I started working here at KLG and found out about the amazingness of Krunchy Capriccio, I brought some home. One teaspoon of this stuff daily and the kid has had zero problems. Plus, he LOVES it! He asks for it!

Most people report that Krunchy Capriccio has a natural chocolatey flavor, while others taste an anise flavor like in black licorice. Depends on the pallate of the consumer I suppose. In any case, it’s delicious, and you need some. Ready to try? Click here: https://klgspice.com/products/krunchy-capriccio-baked-dates-80g

Happy eating!



Magnesium! Who’d Have thunk?!

An article came out yesterday (05/20/2019) that introduced the idea that the average human over 40 is lacking in Magnesium – which, according to said article, is the reason we aren’t sleeping as much or as well, feel tired all the time, and can’t seem to lose that stubborn belly fat. Turns out, one of the most natural ways to get Magnesium into our daily diets – is Cardamom!

And what are we busy making over here at KLG Spice? Cardamom products! Who’d have thunk?

Magnesium also helps regulate the body’s insulin production, which can help diabetics reduce their need for artificial insulin.

Now, while I am trying to hold on to 36 for dear life, because 37 is closer to 40, I know I have experienced many of the benefits of the introduction to KLG’s Gold Cardamom Fruitas to my daily diet that this article references in relation to Magnesium. Weight loss, better sleep patterns, and more energy for sure. It’s not a night and day difference yet, but the improvements on my health and well-being are definitely visible!

So I’ll be over here, sipping my Raspberry Zinger iced tea with a couple Fruitas floating in it, making it golden and delicious and adding my daily Magnesium intake to my drink, while I let you check out this amazing article on your own! https://www.shefinds.com/collections/fat-burning-vitamin-morning-metabolism/#slide-1



Convinced to get some Gold Cardamom Fruitas, or ready to try some of our other amazingly delicious and GOOD FOR YOU snacks? Click here: WWW.KLGSPICE.COM

Intro to KLG

Hey all! I’m Emily, the Marketing Coordinator here at KLG Spice. I have only been with the company for a couple of months so far, but I am absolutely in LOVE with the products and am excited to share my experiences with them, with you! Here’s a brief rundown of my life, so you can get an idea of who you’re dealing with: I am a divorced 30-something mother of two. My daughter is 10, my son is 8. They argue and fight pretty much constantly. We live in a tiny house, with only 275sf, with our two dogs, a cat, and a guinea pig. Learning to live small has been a challenge, but we love it. It may be tiny, but our home is full of love. Our tiny house is on a 2 acre parcel that my mother owns, and she has a tiny house as well, just 10 short steps away from mine. And currently, one of mom’s best friends is parked in her RV on the property while she looks for a house to purchase. We jokingly call our homestead “Tiny House Ranch”.

When I started this job with KLG Spice, I had no idea what cardamom tasted like. I’m sure I’d had it before in tea, but I was very green (much like cardamom!) as to what it was good for, and how it could possibly be a yummy snack.

I’ll admit, when I first sampled one, I was not a fan. Nobody had warned me about the intensity of the flavor, and I felt like I had just eaten a seed pod coated in perfume. The person training me suggested I spit it out, but I choked it down so I could get the entire experience of the product I had just signed on to sell.

Once someone showed me all of the cool tricks our Gold Cardamom Fruitas can do, I was hooked. I now add it to almost every beverage I drink. My morning coffee no longer needs cream and sugar (and I am a coffee JUNKEE so this is a big deal!!). My afternoon iced tea is even more refreshing with a Fruita floating in it. I even have my mom and our RV-living friend doing the same. I eat them alone, I offer them to friends, I even painted my nails with gold polish. I need Fruitas Annonymous.

I’ve read all of the health benefits of the Gold Cardamom Fruitas, but watching my health and the health of those around me change after we started adding this product to our daily lives has been amazing. Mom suffers from a lot of inflammation and digestive issues. She’s found that adding Fruitas to her daily concoction of fresh fruit in water has left her feeling less sore and more active. Her friend has noticed a decrease in amount of days she’s plagued with her chronic migraines.

As for me, I’ve found that Fruitas while on a road trip help keep me awake and aware. I love the fresh breath I get from them. AND, I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I started working here and eating these beautiful gold-covered pods. Granted, I spent the six months of unemployment leading up to this position sitting around most of the day watching TV and snacking. So I’m not sure yet how much of this weight loss is contributed to Fruitas and how much comes from getting up and moving around like a real human adult again.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted on the goings on here at KLG, new ways to use our products, and the new fun and delicious snacks we create. In the meantime, if I’ve convinced you to get some Fruitas in your life, you can purchase them right here: https://klgspice.com/products/1-metal-tin-of-gold-cardamom-fruitas-8g

Stay Golden!